I am happy to announce that my prints are now available for retail! Below is a list of the wonderful shops where you can already find me.

If you are a retailer and you’d like to stock our products, please email me at hello [at] christinesantiano [dot] com or go to contact

Thank you!

Big Colouring Poster and Illustrated Postcards1


ATELIER 8 www.atelier8.nl

ST.-BAVOKERK HAARLEM (Gift shop)2 www.bavo.nl

DE WERELD OF JANSJE www.jansje.nl

MUYS www.muijsonline.nl


ATELIER 8 www.atelier8.nl

1Original Art Prints are exclusive available on our online store.

2Exclusively carries the Grote of St.-Bavokerk and Christmas Edition Illustrated Postcards.


We also have participated in several creative markets in the Netherlands in the past

  • Museum Market Amsterdam
  • Sunday Market Amsterdam
  • Kerstmarkt Haarlem
  • Designwezen Haarlem

Contact us if you would like to invite us to participate in your creative market event.